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Loving your life while reaching all of your dreams and goals is easy when you understand the Universe and The Law of Attraction! | taught by Kjarlune Rae
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Kjarlune  Rae
Kjarlune Rae
Canada's Top Clairvoyant

About the instructor

Kjarlune Rae has been working with clients in readings and coaching for over 2 decades. Showing how to live your life without limitation. Using the Law of Attraction to obtain and reach every goal or objective in life. Showing the world through her office, radio shows, T.V. and live talks and sessions how to create a belief system that will easily give you a limitless life full of love, intuition, dreams and goals achieved. Everything you want in your life is simply a thought away and with Kj's help you will be reaching every goal, find your purpose, fall in love, or create an amazing relationship, understand your own personal intuition and becoming the exact person you are here to be. All the while letting go of struggle and stress, learning easily how simply changing your believe system will create your LIMITLESS life.

The truth is that the Law of Attraction is so much more than what is out there about it. The struggle is that it always seems like pieces are missing in the teaching. There is so many things we have been taught that get in the way of the simplicity as the Law of Attraction. So many contradictions. Half truths. Limited tools. Witheld information.

You have a lifetime of information some true, mostly not that you are being told you have to weed through to get the heart of reaching your dreams no matte what they are but it isn't true. In 2017 we have more suicides, depression and anxiety then every before. It is all because of the confusion. We keep wanting more, searching for more, thinking we can't have more, being told it is easy but not how. Being told we can but not why we aren't already.

There is more psychological conditions, things we are told will hold us back now then ever before and for no real reason. Is anxiety real? yes, it really is but it is fixable without pills or limitations. Is depression real? Yes but it is so easy to fix. There is no limitation to what anyone can do, what anyone can have, who anyone can be but our own, the limitations we have chosen even when we didn't realize it to believe.

Life, your life is in your control, it is in your realm to live it any way you want. To be anyone you want, easily, No that is not a sales pitch it is the truth.

You can have money, love, dreams, happiness, bliss, joy, all of it. You do not have to suffer, struggle, hurt, be without. It takes changing the energy in your brain. It takes being told a different story. It takes hearing the whole way with no secrets or hold backs. It takes tuff love. Real honesty. It takes strength you already have. How do I know that? If you are suffering from any of the above yet still living you are the strongest person you will ever meet. It takes no longer assuming you already know because you don't. It takes all of the pieces of the puzzle, with none missing. It takes repeating it, hearing it in any different ways till that light bulb moment happens. THAT ONE TRIGGER THAT will Change it all. That is what limitless is.

Kj has helped people go from bankrupt to millionaires within a year, failed business too huge success in under 6 months. Single and sad to in love and married within a year.She has shown people how to easily and quickly find their purpose and live it every day without the fear holding them back. She even has clients who were days away from leaving this earth out of choice and out of sickness who are healed and happy, loving their life and reaching their dreams. Not pretending, really happy, thankful and grateful for the life they have.

Kjarlune Learned all of this while coming out of an abusive relationship and creating a 6 figure income as a single mom, then meeting her twin soul and creating a life most people dream about but never achieve.

Now blissfully married for 17 years with 5 grown kids and one almost, 5 grandchildren and recently losing 260 pounds KJ has decided to take her knowledge and share it globally instead of locally. While still running a 6 figure income with part time work, her radio show in Montreal and going after a T.V. show.

Kj became Canada's Top Clairvoyant with a client base well over 30 000 in the red neck Province of Alberta, where oil and good old country values left no room for a psychic to make her mark, but she did anyways. Successfully having the longest running weekly radio show in Calgary before leaving it to take care of her health. With a client base of 60% men, unheard of in her field. She did this all while retiring her husband a decade ago so he could come work with her and raise their kids.

With over 30 psychics trained by her all over Canada and the U.S. KJ will continue to reach for the stars taking you with her on the journey.

What Others say about KJ's coaching:

"I went from single to madly in love married while building my network marketing business to Double Diamond in under 6 month. Thanks KJ." 

                             Love Tanya G

" KJ's Weekly classes showed me how to put my marriage back together. We renewed our vows this year." 


" Following her teachings I went from broke and single to 6 figures a year and am asking my girlfriend to marry me."

                                       Kelly A.

"I love everything Kjarlune teaches whether it is in her office, live, or weekly lessons. It has changed my life. How I look everything. What I do to make things happen. How I feel and how I go after anything in my life. She is a game changer."

                                    Rebecca O.

" I first heard KJ on the radio. Went to her Dream it's then ordered a one year coaching program. I went from a field I hated to the million dollar club in Real Estate within a year. A struggling marriage to happy with two daughters and a wife I would do anything for. When I seen KJ started Limitless I messaged her to ask why she didn't have this before. Now my wife is a member." 




You can contact Kjarlune Rae's office any time for any questions you have... 403-244-5554

Law of Attraction: Creating a limitless life.

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How does LIMITLESS work?

Audio's and videos every month that will change your life, with easy steps to reach every goal...

Giving you a life without Limits...

Kjarlune will be sharing different things every week and will be getting her topics from your feedback and her office sessions. Together we will shift your thought process and change how you see and work towards your life and goals.

She will be your guiding source to work on your life without feeling like it is difficult.

As the membership subscriptions progress she will add her entire data base of Journey to changes, 3 years of lessons that will be shared over time as extras as well and bring in other teachers who will share their tricks and secrets to succeeding at every goal in life. These teachers will be everything from weight loss, working out and nutrition to money management and beauty.

What does this mean for you as a member? Well picture if you will having your own spiritual, life coach, wellness, style, emotional, physical, therapist, guru's walking with you hand in hand through your entire life.

All for a monthly subscription that will never change or control how and when you listen.

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